Drain and Sewer Cleaning

  • Call 517-712-8785
  • Electric Rotary Drum Machines for:
    • Sink and Tub Lines
    • Toilets and Urinals
    • Sewers and Building Drains
  • Your home's cleanliness is TOP priority!
  • Extraction cable/drum covered to prevent spatter in your home!
  • High pressure drain and sewer jetting.
  • Sewer and drain color video inspections and line locating.
  • City of Lansing Sewer Cleaner License #2055

Call 517-712-8785

Indoors or outdoors, everything stays clean.
Cleaning a Sewer Drain with Rotary Drum Machine Multiple machine sizes to fit the job.
Sewer and drain color video inspections and line locating.

If you have a question about what may be wrong with a sewer or drain at your home or business, sometimes a pipe inspection can solve the mystery. I can make a narrated dvd recording for you to play on your television or computer so you can have a pipe's-eye view of any problems. Location of the pipe can also be determined, often making excavation of the problem area easier.


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